January 25, 2015

Sunday Snippet #18: Secret Chemistry


With a playful growl, he lunged at it. Jay squeaked in surprise. Tim snatched at the tip, holding it carefully for a short time before releasing it.
Assessing Tim’s mood quickly, Jay stood up. Deliberately, slowly, he waved the tip of his tail in front of Tim’s eyes, then brushed it over Tim’s sensitive nose. Tim yelped in surprise and delight, which elicited a cackle from Jay.
Squealing happily, Jay dashed away, with Tim right on his heels. He allowed the pup to believe he could outrun Tim for some time. When Jay chose a fallen tree trunk to climb up and strut on, his chest all puffed up arrogantly, Tim shook his head.
A second later, he held the still-cackling pup in his mouth. After carrying him over to a secluded space under a bush he had spotted on their arrival, Tim carefully released Jay’s neck. Jay seized the opportunity to crawl up on him, his tiny paws barely making an impression on Tim.

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