February 08, 2015

Sunday Snippet #20: The Wolf and His Diva


He pushed himself up on his hind paws and used his momentum to shove Billy on the ground, underneath him. Even for a fox, Billy was small, something Billy didn’t like George to comment on.
Billy pressed both hind paws against George’s belly while he angled with his forepaws for George’s neck. George nudged his face aside before gently licking from Billy’s snout to his chest, grooming him.
See? That’s what I mean! I know you’re all for the big wilderness and all that but… can’t we go home and have sex on a bed? You remember what’s it’s like, right? A real bed, I mean?
Images flashed up in front of George’s inner eye, images of Billy in his human-form—a small, lithe man with finely toned muscles everywhere and the most beautiful green-blue eyes. Oh, and he also had the thickest, albeit softest, auburn hair George had ever felt.
Hello-ho! You’re doing it again! Billy singsonged.
George nipped sharply at Billy’s left ear. I’m old. I’m allowed to be sentimental.
Billy snorted. You’re forty-three. That’s not old.
You’re twenty-eight. I’m from the Stone Age in comparison to you. I even have the gray hair to prove it.
Dork, Billy said.

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