August 06, 2018

Thank you!

Now that I'm back from a wonderful vacation I wanted to say Thank you to everyone who gave Alpha Unit One, New York a try. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. I know it's been a different take on shifters and not everyone feels comfortable with the baby-shifter aspect but this is the book what I wanted to write and it made me very happy.

It was supposed to be a standalone story but maybe there'll be a sequel. At least I started writing another story with Nicky and Sam and the whole gang. It's fun to write these characters again. I can't promise anything though. 



  1. Hello :)
    I really hope there will be a sequel, I absolutely loved this book and the world you created!!!

    1. Hi Mica, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! I'm working on the sequel at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed I finish soon. :)